6 Tips For New Bloggers

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I was scrolling through my old emails back in January and found one that said: “Welcome to WordPress.com” and it was dated January 2014. I’d been blogging three years and didn’t even realise it. Back in the early days, I only started a blog because I was studying social media marketing at the time and one of the modules suggested it was important to have a blog as part of your online business.

During that time I hadn’t even started my business and didn’t really know what the hell I was doing when it came to blogging either. I mainly wrote posts that contained a few writing tips and quickly became bored. Then when I published my book back in March 2015, I started to realise I could use it for marketing my book – but this wasn’t a very good long time strategy. My readers weren’t going to be interested in hearing about my one book all the time and I’d become bored too.

So here’s a list of things I wish I’d known when I had first started blogging:

  1. Strategy. Have a clear strategy of what your blog is and what you want it to be about. Whether it’s personal, for your business or if you hope to help and inspire others with it. One thing I want my blog to do is to inspire and helps other authors along the way.
  2. Self-hosted WordPress is so much better than free. I originally started blogging on WordPress.com which was fine at first but then I wanted to do more things and found it too limiting. So I switched to self-hosted in June last year and despite a few bumps along the way it’s so much better.
  3. It’s okay to write about more than one topic. The thing that got me most interested in blogging is thinking about the topics that I loved and wanted to write about. Whether it be related to blogging, writing, business or self-publishing. Whatever topic you decide to write about make sure it’s something you love and that will hold your interest. If you write about something you don’t like you will soon become disheartened by it.
  4. Consistency. When I first started blogging back in 2014 I didn’t blog very often. If you’re not posting consistently people aren’t going to be interested in what you have to say, Google won’t know who you are and neither will anyone else. I now have two blogs which is double the work but it is fun coming up with content for both.
  5. Organisation is the key. Being organised and planning out your posts and when you will publish them. I now plan out my blog post – even if it’s just the title. I now have a planner that I use as an editorial calendar so I know what I’m posting on which day.
  6. Blogging can actually be a lot of fun. Since I started being more organised and realise what I wanted to write about it has become a lot more fun and inspired me to write my first non-fiction book about how to start building your author platform.

What do you wish you had learnt when you first started blogging?

Posted 10/04/2017 by tiffanyshand in Blogging / 15 Comments

15 responses to “6 Tips For New Bloggers

  1. A massive YES to number 3 and 6!! So many sites say you need to narrow down on your specific niche, but personally I love to just blog about anything and everything that I want 🙂 I’m still pretty new to the whole blogging thing, but I’m learning new things all the time.

  2. The_Wise_ Hero

    We also started blogging and its been 4 months, and find self hosting ie wordpress.org has a lot of features and customization that cannot be done on wordpress.com
    Your point on people reading and interested in general topics rather than how one is daily is so true!!

  3. JoJo Tabares

    I have four websites, two of which I blog on. Two of my sites are with Shopify. REALLY wish I hadn’t done that. It’s so limiting. Not as many features as the free WordPress themes. I was hosting with a great small company. Uptime was great and it only cost me $10/month for all of my sites. Had a severe problem with my old shopping cart so I switched to Shopify, but I had to keep my old host because they don’t do EMAIL! THen I found out they don’t offer lots of things a free WordPress theme does. But to move it all back would require lots of work and another shopping cart. 🙁

  4. Kim

    I’m SO bad about strategy and consistency with my own blog, but I preach it to my clients! Lol. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded ourselves. Thanks for this!

  5. Lillian Stathopoulos

    As a relatively new blogger, I found these tips very helpful. I’m still trying to figure out my niche, and learning about the different strategies of blogging. Definitely overwhelming, but its posts like these that make it a lot easier! Thank you for this!

  6. Organization is still the hardest part no matter how long you blog for in my opinion since so much changes and evolves so fast. However, I agree, having a solid foundation is great as long as you maintain the idea of flexibility and openness to new ideas

  7. Jackie Ison

    I also began blogging on WordPress.com. This was because I didn’t understand that there was a WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Like you, I found it very limiting and wanted to grow. I love self-hosting via WordPress. However, WordPress creates its own challenges when you want to change something on your website via CSS or HTML and don’t want to mess up your theme. I have found many work arounds for those situations though. Your 6 tips are all spot-on for new bloggers.


    Wow! This is so amazing and inspiring, blogging is really fun when you know what you are doing. I think for anyone to start blogging must first find out his or her area of passion. Writting is a unique gift but when diligently worked on with unmovable consistency, everyone is a success at the end. I Know everyone adhere to this 6 rules before beginning their freelance writing we will do a lot and the passion will constantly grow stronger. Thanks

  9. Kelly Hoggons (Velvet and Vibr

    Completely agree that self-hosted is the way to go. I have so much more freedom and control over my site and I’m so much happier with it now!

    Kelly x

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